Never Get Guillotined Again!

Stephan Teaching a Group

OK, I have to admit that I’m exaggerating with the whole “never get guillotined again” title, but it’s almost true. If you incorporate principle that I’m about to share with into your grappling two things will happen:

  1. you’ll tap out to many, many fewer guillotine chokes, and
  2. you’ll really increase how often you manage to finish your opponent’s with the same choke.

I was very happy when I managed to formalize this principle in my own mind. Both for my own learning process and for teaching others in person or via DVDs I really like to emphasize principles over technique. It’s much simpler to memorize one principle and use it in 10 different situations than it is to memorize ten different techniques.

So go watch (and rate) my Youtube video on body positioning for the guillotine choke. As a special bonus I’ve included a section on the ‘Von Flue’ guillotine recounter, which is always an unwelcome surprise for your sparring partners!

And if you think that the Von Flue choke is unrealistic I encourage you to watch Jason Von Flue pull it off on The Ultimate Fighter TV show:

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