One more Von Flue Choke

von flue choke

As you know, in the last few newsletters we’ve been discussing body position for guillotine chokes and using the ‘Von Flue’ choke to recounter the guillotine. If you missed them you can click to see the first post here and the second post here.

Well, thanks to Shaldag on the forums I recently I found yet ANOTHER example of a the Von Flue choke being used in competition. This one is nice because it shows both things we’ve been talking about: the battle to circle the body so as to nullify the power of the guillotine, and then finishing the fight with the Von Flue choke.

So watch this video with our recent discussion in mind. The positional work to counter the guillotine (and the subsequent choke) starts at about 2 minutes and 14 seconds:

Here’s a link to the other discussions we’ve had around the Von Flue Choke on

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