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After a ton of planning and working with video editors and Android app programers, I’m thrilled to announce that Submission Defense – the latest Grapplearts app for the Android platform – is finally ready!!

This app was designed with one single-minded purpose: to help you tap out much less often.

This app takes you through my very favorite escapes for many of the most common and most powerful submissions you’ll run into on the mats.

If you have an Android device – either a phone or a tablet – then go and grab this app right away (or click here if you’ve got an iPhone or iPad). I promise you that for a few dollars you’re going to get an absolutely amazing value.

The Submission Defense app includes:

  • 36 Submission Defenses and Escapes, broken down into easy-to-follow steps. Become 300% harder to tap by learning the 3 levels at which every submission can be countered.
  • 24 additional ‘Key Points’ videos, taking you through the advanced aspects of the submission defenses to make them truly effective.
  • The underlying principles and concepts that make the techniques easy to learn, and tricks that allow you to escape and turn the tables on your opponent even for the most powerful submissions.
  • Tons of high definition video, professionally edited so it looks great on your Android phone or tablet.
  • Plus if you purchase it now you’ll ALSO get an entire lesson from my black belt concepts course on shutting down sweeps and submissions from the closed guard for free.

Please note that this app is self-contained: once you download it you do NOT need an internet connection to view the step-by-step techniques or the detail menus.

Here are just a few previews from ‘Submission Defense.’ They’ll definitely give you a taste of what’s on the app.

Keep in mind that on the full app you can easily navigate to each individual technique or details section simply by touching a couple of buttons.  Plus with the app you also get an entire lesson on shutting down your opponent’s offence from the Black Belt Concepts Course for free.

How to escape the Triangle Choke, even if it’s completely locked on

Defending and escaping the Armbar from Guard

Escaping the Kimura armlock from side mount

How to Defend and Escape the Kneebar   

How to Escape the Rear Naked Choke (RNC)

How to download the Submission Defense app to your phone or tablet

If you have an Android or Apple phone (or tablet) then we’ve got this app your format!

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