The Most Distinctive MMA Fighter

Imanari Leglock

Man, nobody else fights like Masakazu Imanari. Such a distinctive (and scary) style…

Imanari is a man on a mission: if there’s a leg in the room somewhere then he’s going to find it and tear it off. Every moment of every fight he’s looking to wrap up that leg: it doesn’t matter if you’re punching, kicking, clinching or on the ground.

Even the former UFC fighter (and infamous heel hooker) Rousimar Palhares doesn’t turn himself upside down and launch himself towards his opponent while looking for a heel hook. He’s kind of the ground-based version of the boxer Prince Naseem: completely unorthodox yet devastatingly effective.

Here’s a highlight video to give you an idea of Imanari’s spectacular fighting style. I’m not saying you should fight like this, but it sure is interesting that someone out there does!

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