Alex Kask

Submission Grappling vs. Classical Ju-jutsu; when cultures and concepts collide


Introduction There are many similarities between the sport of Submission Grappling and the classical Japanese Ju-jutsu systems. Both arts emphasize grappling over striking. Both arts recognize the importance and efficiency of ground-fighting. … [Read more...]

Submission Grappling Leglock


Leglocks have been around for a long time, but modern grapplers use them in slightly different contexts than classical grapplers. Here's how a submission grappler might link a takedown and a match-ending ankle-lock... (This technique is from the Submission Grappling vs. Classical Ju-Jutsu article on … [Read more...]

Classical Ju-jutsu Armlock


Here's one classical approach to applying the armlock that has morphed into the 'Americana' or Figure 4 Armlock in modern submission grappling).  As you can see, it's similar but different... (This technique is part of the Submission Grappling vs. Classical Ju-Jutsu article on … [Read more...]

From Traditional Ju-jutsu to Modern Grappling


Brazilian jiu-jitsu, submission grappling and mixed martial arts are relatively new phenomena, but they are rooted in martial traditions hundreds, and even thousands of years old. Although I choose to train and compete in a modern setting I still believe that there is value in examining the origins of one’s art. … [Read more...]