breath, breath, BRIDGE!!

One of the things I talk about in my Beginning BJJ online Course is the importance of not telegraphing your moves, particularly your explosive escapes, by holding your breath. Now this lesson led to many interesting conversations, including one with Mr. Will Wood, who trains with Garrett Erickson. … [Read more...]

The Unpassable Guard 1

Tricks, Concepts, Techniques and Drills to Prevent Opponents from Passing Your Guard In December, 2008, I sent out a Grappling Tip Email with a tip about not letting your opponent control your hips (see the first tip below). I then asked readers to share their own top tips for preventing or blocking the guard pass. Below is a selection of reader contributions on the topic of making your guard … [Read more...]

A Pinch In Time

Grappling uses muscles that don't normally get a lot of attention in the gym. As evidence of this I'll point to the muscle soreness in unexpected places that otherwise fit people experience when they grapple hard for the first time. … [Read more...]