Podcast EP3: Erik Paulson; an MMA Master Coach Shares His Secrets


Erik Paulson is an MMA Master Coach.  He's trained tons of fighters competing at the highest levels of Mixed Martial Arts.  And he held the Shooto light-heavyweight title in Japan for 5 years. He's also my friend and a mentor. Recently I asked my newsletter readers if there was something in particular you wanted to ask Erik.  (Hey, if you were signed up for the FREE Grappling Tips newsletter … [Read more...]

Breaking down the Ankle Lock

Ankle Lock

Originally published in Grappling Magazine (August 2005 issue) The ankle lock has a long and varied history. This technique was used by many of the traditional Ju-jutsu schools in medieval Japan, North American Catch Wrestling as well as in pre-World War 2 Judo. Then it fell onto hard times. Judo banned the ankle lock. Catch Wrestling faded in prominence. Brazilian Jiu-jitsu never actually … [Read more...]

Submission Grappling Leglock


Leglocks have been around for a long time, but modern grapplers use them in slightly different contexts than classical grapplers. Here's how a submission grappler might link a takedown and a match-ending ankle-lock... (This technique is from the Submission Grappling vs. Classical Ju-Jutsu article on Grapplearts.com) … [Read more...]

Leglock Entry from Standing Clinch


Jumping into a leg lock is a great alternative to pulling guard!  Here's a technique to go from standing directly into a leglock that I've used successfully multiple times, both in competition and in sparring. This clip is from the 'Entries' section of the High Percentage Leglocks DVD,  available on this site. … [Read more...]

The Four Most Common Leglock Mistakes

leglock lockflow ankle lock

When you're doing a leglock a tiny adjustment can have a huge effect.  And if you're doing something wrong then it can totally shut down your attack. Leglocks are no different - if you can simply avoid making these common mistakes then you'll put the power of your leglock attacks through the roof. … [Read more...]

Congratulations to a Leglock Master


Oleg Taktarov was one of the early pioneers in the UFC.  Coming from a sambo background he had a very distinctive skill set. And nobody had more heart!! I'm delighted that Oleg recently stepped back into the cage and defeated Mark Kerr with a kneebar, which has always been one of Oleg's signature moves. Oleg was very influential on my leglock game development … [Read more...]